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There are many good reasons to subscribe to a tender notification service. Think of your subscription as an investment, an investment that will more than pay for itself when you win new business called through the tender process.

1. Complete Coverage is your single source of all publicly advertised tenders in India. Our research team are highly experienced in hunting down the latest tenders, and our daily media search extends to over 800+ printed media such as newspapers, trade journals and industry magazines. We also search over 2500+ known industry websites for new tenders being published including all levels of government / Public / Private Entities, councils, PSU, Banks and corporate procurers.

Benefit of complete coverage to you

Your organization receives the widest possible coverage. When you subscribe to you can be assured that all tenders are being captured that are relevant to your business, and that nothing is being missed. You need absolute confidence in this area.

2. Relevancy

We realize the importance of ensuring you only receive tenders that are relevant to your business and category / industry. Time is precious and we also understand that you are very busy in your day-to-day work. That is why we have developed a product / category matching system that ensures accuracy and relevancy to your specific needs. With all industry categories available, you pick and choose which categories you require tenders from. We also provide keyword profile matching for the most highly targeted matches.

Benefit of relevancy to you

You spend less time searching and filtering for tenders in the market and more time running your business. Only receive tenders that are of direct interest to you, and only tenders you are capable of responding to. We keep it quick and simple!

3. Timeliness

We guarantee to have a minimum of 95% of all publicly available tenders to you within 24 business hours of publication. If a tender is published in a newspaper or website today, and it matches your profile, we will send that to you within one business day.

Benefit of timeliness to you

You receive notification in a timely and efficient manner. The earlier the notification to you the more time you have to prepare and respond.

4. Online Documentation

No need to wait for days for tender documents to arrive in the post. provides you with direct access to tender documents from our system or, a direct link to the procurer (if the procurer / tender issuing authority makes availability of tender document online). This saves you time and money in evaluating the requirements and in allowing sufficient time to respond.

Benefit of online documentation to you

Many of the tenders we publish have documentation attached. And in most cases, the documentation is provided to you free. Many of our clients claim that this benefit alone saves them the equivalent of our annual subscription costs!

How is different than other

1. Customer Commitment: We hear time and again from customers that our support is personal, fast, and effective. For two years in a row, 99% of customers say the support we provide is good or excellent.

2. Research: Nobody invests more money in understanding how to optimize Customer need. Our research has led to product improvements, documented best practices, and a profile of the customer who prefers best services above all.

3. Ecommerce Expertise: We have 10 years of domain expertise

4. Focus on Customer Need: We believe in customer satisfaction and ease of use of the portal. This philosophy impacts our product roadmap, directing us to focus on features and updates that make customer browsing experience more efficient.

5. Value: For the money, we believe we have the most robust, scalable, and flexible solution on the market today