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FirstTender.com and its promoters 3SG Online Solutions Pvt Ltd. is committed to protecting your privacy and security.
Use of Personal & Business Information We may require your personal information from time to time in order for us to provide you with our services such as Tender Alerts on Email, Tender via Web Search, Free Trial services, Business listing services, Business promotion services like advertising, newsletters etc.

FirstTender.com's primary goal in collecting personal or public information is to provide the user with a customized experience on our network of sites. This includes personalization services, interactive communications and many other types of services. Business information may be used to display the user's business listing or product offerings across our network to fetch maximum business opportunities for the user.In order to provide such services, FirstTender.com may display advertisements based upon the site usage statistics and visitor trends. FirstTender.com uses user's personal & business information to serve targeted advertisements through its website, newsletters and customized mailers. In addition to it, once the user's personal and business information is displayed on our network, the user may start receiving business enquiries from various buyers and sellers that might or might not be of their interest. WE do not exercise any control over its users for sending business enquiries to the listed members.

In order to deliver such services, we will have to process and store your personal information and may need to transfer it to the relevant partner(s), affiliates of FirstTender.com for processing domestic as well as overseas. By submitting your personal information, you consent to such processing and transfer in connection with such orders, offers or services and for any other purposes. We will never willfully disclose personal information about you to any third party other than to process an order or unless we are under a legal obligation to do so.

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