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GeM Training Program (Government E-Marketplace)

Indian Government E-Marketplace (GEM) is an initiative launched by the government of India to facilitate SMEs, vendors, corporates, traders, influencers.It in an online end-to-end marketplace reform launched that provides an open, efficient & transparent solution.

Learn How to do business with government of India through Government E-Market Place- GeM, registration procedure, GeM procurement cycle, Product listing and benefits of GeM Join this session and learn how to be a part of GeM family and increase your scope of business. You can attend this session with laptop/computer handy as actual techniques will have to be done by you as a part of the training

Who this course is for:
  1. Small and Medium Business owners
  2. Entrepreneurs
  3. Start-up owners
  4. All business employees
Our GeM Training Program comprises of the following
  1. Learn How to register on GeM Portal as Seller – REGISTRATION PROCESS
  2. Reseller/ OEM Vendor Assessment (VA) - Over View, its significance & exemptions
  3. Dashboard - OEM & Reseller and Brand Upload
  4. Catalogue Management System (CMS) - Learn How to upload product catalogue on GeM Portal.
  5. Various Quadrant - Various Quadrants and their significance associated in doing business on GeM
  6. Learn How to pair and publish the product on GeM Portal with or without authorization.
  7. Managing Transactions Basics of: Direct Purchase, L1 Purchase, Requisition, BID & RA
  8. Learn How to receive and accept order on GeM Portal.
  9. Learn How to generate invoice for dispatch and shipping of products.
  10. Learn How to prepare technical bid for bidding on GeM.
  11. Learn How to upload the technical and financial bid while participating in bidding process on GeM Portal.
  12. Escalation Matrix - Raising Ticket & Incident Management
Training From GEM Experts
  1. We have been working on GeM portal since its inception.
  2. Having in-depth experience and expertise in seller and buyer interface on GeM Portal.
  3. We have been providing our professional services to thousands of GeM registered sellers and hundreds of GeM registered buyers.
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