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suntora tinned copper
manufacturers of tinned & bare copper wire from rod to 45 swg
land acquisition, topo survey, traffic survey, road inventory etc.
land acquisition, topo survey, forest clearance, utility shifting survey, traffic survey, road inventory, pavement condition, trial pit excavation, borrow area soil sample collection, material testing, subgrade testing.
uvc disinfection system, air purifiers
we expertise in uvc and photo-catalytic filter based air purification systems. we have licensed technology from csir, and v-treat patented technology: medic's breathing device. we take chemical plants engineering, equipment and commissioning jobs
software development , maintenance
1. crm software 2. school management system 3. inventory management system 4. point of sales 5. chruch management software & front-end website 6. library management 7. project manager & crm-advanced pro version 8. rise ultimate project management